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Exploring Tashkent, Khiva, Bukhara, Aydarkul Lake, Sarmishsai Gorge, Samarkand, Baldersai/Chimghan Mountains

Experience 3000 years of history, from the earliest settlements through the time of Alexander the Great and Tamerlane. Admire the remains of countless palaces, fortresses and monuments, bazaars, caravanserais, blue cupolas, minarets, the lace-like ornamentation and brilliant ceramics of mausoleums and mosques. Hike in the mountains and enjoy horse back riding or camel safari under-the-radar-locations of Uzbekistan.

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Travel to Uzbekistan, where the doors to history, civilization, and the warmest welcome in the world are our pleasure to open for you. This is our homeland, and every visitor is an honored guest. Steep yourself in 3,000 years of culture and traditions, whether in a vibrant capital city, behind sun-warmed adobe walls, in a village nestled in a lush valley or a nomadic yurt under a sky of blazing stars. Explore palaces, medresseh, fortresses, and caravanserais from by-gone eras amidst classic Soviet architecture, soaring minarets and brilliant ceramics of medieval mausoleums and mosques, and the bustling bazaars - still as busy now as they were hundreds of years ago, where anything is available and everything is on display.

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Stand at the crossroads of civilization as you begin your cultural discovery tour to Uzbekistan! Uzbekistan’s fairytale cityscapes and a mysterious desert beauty have attracted merchants, travelers, artists and kings since the beginning of time. Now, its rich and hospitable cultures await your arrival. Set off on your own magic carpet ride to visit ancient cities of Khiva, Bukhara, Samarkand and Tashkent and meet generous peoples that will welcome you with open arms and flowing tea!

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For over 3000 years Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan have been a cultural and intellectual crossroads, luring travelers, traders, scholars and conquerors.

The recently independent nations of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan are the ultimate destinations for those seeking the trip of a lifetime. It’s a land of contrast with changing urban skylines and pristine landscapes, Silk Road culture and cuisine, thousands of years of history, some of the last unexplored territories, filled with adventure and opportunity and a tradition of hospitality unmatched anywhere in the world.

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